Casual Fri yay’s or nay’s

You’ve worked a long hard week and the weekend is soon approaching you wake up Friday morning and realize that today is the day you can finally wear those new jeans, or nice comfy sweater. But how casual is too casual? Are casual Friday’s the time to show off your 6 inch platform boots or your jeans with more holes than… jean? Maybe, maybe not. It really depends on your workplace, but if you can’t perform your job effectively it’s not the best choice.  Casual dress days are most common in the late spring and into the summer for companies who usually wear strict business attire to let loose and wear something more warm weather friendly. It is advised though, to proceed with caution, and please understand that you are still at work, and a professional image is still important to the success of your work and how you are perceived.  An HR issue can also be a problem if people stretch the rules, or if there are no rules at all for what should be worn.

The same rules apply:

  1. Nothing you would wear to the beach. (no flip flops) (always either back heel or front toes covered, toes and manicured painted if they’re showing)
  2. Nothing you would wear to the club. (no backless tops, no low cut tops). (jeans are allowed, however, no holes)
  3. Nothing you would wear to the gym. (no yoga leggings)

So, what can you wear on casual Fridays???

For women:

  • Ankle grazing skinny jean, with bright colored blouse, statement necklace and a dressy wedge heel.
  • Summer dress with ¾ or cap sleeves, belt at the natural waist, and bright low heeled pumps or dressy flats.

For men:

  • Dark colored jeans, relaxed fit dress shirt, and boat shoes (sperry’s) (no sandals)


Most importantly, don’t be afraid to show your personality! And if you happen to be in management always dress a step above to promote your authority.



Quast, L. (2014, May 26). Don’t Take Casual Fridays Too Casually. Retrieved July 07, 2017, from



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